About Us

What do we do for you?

Within 4 years we’ve created a revolutionary business model and service that has risen to be the leading authority in the social media market! We have the connections, the capabilities, and the commitment to ensure your internet campaign is a successful one. Our knowledgeable developers have made the process as simple as one-two-three. You simply select the type of views you need, the amount you need, and finally submit your payment and video, and you’re done!

Our business is sought after by some of the most reputable names out there, as no one else can provide the quality of views we can at the price you receive. With over 40,000 successful orders filled from all around the world, we know our way around the YouTube market; why go with anyone else?

Buying points - exchanging points for views, likes or subscribers - watching the progress of delivery

As we are committed by our business philosophy to a high level of transparency for the customer, you have the option to watch the exact progress of your order in your members area. You will be able to see the progress of the delivery of your order as a percentage and to book additional YouTube views, likes or YouTube channel subscribers. If your order is not completed within 5 business days, we will refund you the advertisement points in full, which you can then exchange for other products.

You will benefit from our experience and our innovative ideas

We have already demonstrated our expertise with several projects in many areas and achieved market leading positions - Our experience is only one of many aspects which you can benefit from. Here is a small selection of reasons why you can trust us:

  • Years of experience in the field of online marketing
  • Innovative project ideas and project implementation
  • 24-hour support and help with all questions & problems
  • A flawless & fast delivery guaranteed
  • Highest level of confidentiality & security

Our competences and areas of expertise

Our innovative company sets new standards in the field of video marketing and promotion of videos on video sharing platforms. As of now, numerous web projects have been developed, including this new website for the independent marketing of videos. Our completely new website enables the promotion of your own videos on the video platform YouTube through full automation in real-time, without waiting periods and at affordable prices. We focus on user friendliness, confidentiality and security.


How far do you actually dig through search results on YouTube? Chances are, if you are like most of us, not very. You may go past page 2, but that's not very likely. When you Buy YouTube views, you are also buying a better search position. This means that when customers or potential customers search for your video, product, or business, they will come across your videos first.

If you gain views in larger numbers, you also help to spread your video further than you ever thought possible. Best of all, this process in inexpensive, quick, and hassle free.

Going viral seems to be everyone's dream these days and YouTube is just the place to do it. But because so many videos are hosted on YouTube, there is a lot of competition. What you need is more views. Getting more views is as easy as a small fee and a few clicks. Lots of reputable companies out there, including ours, are ready and willing to help you Buy YouTube views from real viewers. By doing this you can be more easily discovered, taken more seriously, and appear higher in search results.

Why to buy YouTube likes
All videos are gauged on multiple metrics and likes are one of them. Find out more about them and how to best use them to your advantage!